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Training is broken down into five main groups each of which is designed to develop different skills:

Basic exercises
Develops skills in the basic kicking and hand techniques that make up Taekwondo.

Pre-arranged sparring
A two-person exercise where a defender counters a pre‑determined attack.

A solo exercise where a combination of blocks, kicks and hand techniques are performed in a set pattern.

Free sparring
Another two-person exercise except the attack and counter are not pre‑determined. For safety reasons, some techniques and striking areas are not allowed based on the level of skill of the participants.

Unarmed combat
A variety of strikes, throws, holds, kicks etc. which may not be used in free sparring, are taught and practiced either in pre-arranged or freestyle combat.

Senior Students also learn weapon training, with an emphasis on readily available objects such as knives, pens, coins etc.

A class will consist of warm-up exercises and then cover all of the above or concentrate on just a few aspects, depending on the perceived needs of the students present. Classes are taken by Black Belt Instructors with recognized qualifications, assisted by experienced senior students.

Training should be enjoyable as well as a learning experience.

Due to the nature of some of the techniques taught, we do not want them used inappropriately, inside or outside the Do-Jang (training hall).